Feeling fidgety? Who wouldn’t thought that these toys will trend and sell well?

Fidget Spinner Toy

Once again the market proven that marketers and sellers of all sorts – know nothing and in order to succeed in selling products online (your online store, eBay, Amazon, etc) – you’d have to keep your ear to the ground and the eyes on the price to see what’s being sold well and with a good profit. Then if prudent – jump on the trend, as long as it’s not a ‘declining’ one and reap the rewards.

By the way if you don’t know what are ‘declining’ or ‘rising’ trends are, and most importantly – when to jump on a trend and start selling the products in the niche with potential – consider joining my “How to select hot product” email course – it’s free, just click on the ‘start my course’ link next to this post.

Anyway, back to it: one of these class items – what’s called “Fidget Spinner” or “ADHD Focus Anxiety Relief Toy”.

Logically these toys don’t make sense – just a handheld spinning gadget as shown on the picture, yet this ‘useless gadget’ is taking world by storm and sells in draws to youngsters and alike… go figure!

Nevertheless, it proves once again that  as a sellers and marketers – we know nothing! Only market can tell us what will sell well and what won’t!

There are many variations of this toy… there are “fidget cubes”, “fidget rolls”, “fidget balls”, “fidget rings” and so on… not to mention the variations, such as “glow in the dark fidget spinners”…

Upside of this product – they fly of the ‘shelves’ fast, downside – they are low value product, typically sold for $1-$5 (which means that the profit margin could be too low).

Imagine if you, as a seller, at the beginning of this craze? Would you make some dough? Absolutely! Well, keep an eye on the trends and on our articles, who knows maybe you will start the next one!

And remember ‘product crazes’ are like buses, there’s a next one every arriving every 5 minutes – as long as you are at the bus stop 🙂

Keep well and extend you knowledge everyday on how to find your next ‘hot product’ to sell!

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