High profit margin fashion accessories

Polarized sunglasses

In your relentless search for the next ‘hot product’ you should always look for following:

1. Has your product got a wide enough appeal amongst prospective customers?

2. Is it low cost [to buy] / high perceived value item?

3. Can you deliver it cheaply, both from manufacturer or exporter to you and from you to your customer…

…amongst other selection criteria, of course.

One of the relatively high profit margin products are shades or sunglasses, especially polarized fashion sunglasses. Of course – both male and female versions.

The good news about shades – they will not likely to go out of fashion anytime soon. Fair enough, the fashion changes like a fickle fate of politicians! However the trend remains – people did buy and will be buying shades [or it might be called in your part of the world sunnies or sunglasses] for foreseeable future.

Now, if you noticed – I didn’t suggest just any sunglasses, I suggested ‘polarized sunglasses’ for a very good reason. As humans grow more conscious of harmful effect of sun radiation, so increases the desire to protect your precious retinas with better gear. And the good news – thank you to our friends in the manufacturing countries – it doesn’t cost significantly more to polarise your shades.

Typically – one can buy form likes of aliexpress etc. sunglasses for between USD 4-6, and also typically one can sell them in the market place for around $30. Don’t take my word for it – try your favourite online selling platform / market. Go ahead and punch the search phrase in your eBay, Amazon, TradeMe platforms “polarized sunglasses” – see what you get?

Of course [percieved in market] quality and brand will determine selling price.

And what do we know about branded products?? – That’s right, you cannot sell well known branded products in your online store (unless one-off and your own second hand). So, do yourself a favour – don’t try it.

However, unbranded or obscure brands that don’t have distributors with exclusive rights to sell these in your target market – no problem.

Here are some examples screens hotted form Ali:


What about this one?

Of course not all of polarized sunglasses created equal and some suppliers are better then others. Take care when choosing your product and remember – sample on the small quantity, sell quick and profitable – rinse and repeat!

Yours for online selling success,

Dmitri Stern

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