PART 5: Online Sales Assets

Now, number five, let’s focus now on Online Sales Assets.  Start with researching your keywords using Google Keywords Planner or AdWords – frankly this is the gift from heaven for any marketing professional;

Get best domain name for organic and paid visitors as well as your brand name.  We covered this in great detail in the training – you can find more detail about the training video here

Now, of course, you want to host your own website.  I wouldn’t trust anyone else to host your online assets the same way as you don’t trust your property being held in somebody else’s account or somebody else being on the property title, right?

You can deploy your website within 60 minutes and internally, we have this challenge which is done typically with the help of outsources.

Set up your lead capture to capture 70% of that visitors.  Remember from Chet Holmes’ diagram, the pyramid?  Now, of course, you need to undertake the content creation project.  If you are not copywriter or you’re not really keen to write a copy - have no fear because we have strategies in place to be able to do it and relatively cost effective too – using outsourced writers – you can start with likes of ,  or even

Then of course, you need to integrate it with Social Media – as the [potential] consumer engagement is the currency of now.  And that’s your Online Sales Assets. Once you’ve mastered above, you’ve covered the fundamentals of it.   Now, on online assets, remember that there is no limit to perfection.  The online world, online marketing is always changing - so you have to stay on the top of the game by learning and reading what experts have to say.

Apart from researching and finding your products, you have to be really good with doing your marketing.  And in our case, it’s the digital marketing or online marketing.  So, these are the fundamentals of it - keep up-skilling yourself on the above.


Yours for finding hot products success,

Dmitri Stern
Creator of RPR Method