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There are few things that matter more than personal fitness. Since fitness is so connected to health, it only makes since that the personal sports products niche market is rising in popularity online. More and more consumers are choosing to buy personal sports products online that they can use to monitor and enhance their fitness levels.

The types of devices and products that can range depending on the use. Some can be used to minor fitness activity levels and other products are designed to improve fitness altogether. Since there are so many different products within this niche market to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming to sell online personal sports products if you don’t know exactly what’s hot.

Personal sports products online selling is so much simpler when you have access to more information. This allows you to know what’s hot and the products that are up and coming. Identifying the target market for each best selling product is also key. Before you just jump in blindly and begin selling personal sports products online, you need to know what online shoppers are looking for and why.

If you want to sell personal sports products on eBay, Amazon and Shopify, these are the hottest products to start with:

What’s Hot? Drinking Bottles


When you think of the most popular personal sports products available for sale, you often start with innovative devoices. However, the most popular and hottest personal sports products that you can be selling online is really a no-brainer. Drinking bottles are the item that every physically active person needs to have in-hand.

Drinking bottles that you can sell online through your ecommerce site can range in size and can be made from different materials. Some drinking bottles are very basic in design, while others offer levels of innovation that online shoppers are searching for. If you want to have success in selling personal sports products online, you need to have a large variety of drinking bottles for sale. This is one of the hottest products within this niche market and the demand is only growing.

Who is the Target Market for this Product and Why?

Once you determine that drinking bottles are a great product to sell on Amazon, eBay and Shopify, you also need to identify the target market for this product. The great aspect to selling drinking bottles online is that it is an item that caters to a large target market. Anyone that is active in any way can benefit from using a drinking bottle to hydrate. Since there are different types of drinking bottles, each type caters to a different online shopper. The features that matter most include durability, filtration systems and insulation.

What’s Hot? Wearable Fitness Devices

Wearable Fitness DevicesNot only are people looking to get active and get in shape, but they also want to keep track of their fitness progress. This means that wearable personal sport products are becoming very popular with online shoppers. Online consumers are searching for wearables that are functional and stylish.

These wearable devices can keep track of daily activity levels or store future fitness goals. There are many different wearable devices to choose from to sell online within this specific niche market. Fitness wearable gadgets really are extremely popular right now and should be trending for a long time within this niche market.

Who is the Target Market for this Product and Why?

Wearable personal sport products are designed to monitor fitness levels and store fitness goals. This type of product is ideal for online shoppers of any fitness level. From beginners to those that workout every day, wearable personal sports products are designed to be convenient and target people that simply want to get active and keep up with their progress over time.

The target market for this type of product is very large, which is what makes it such a best-selling product. It meets the needs of many consumers and the features that matter most in wearable personal sports products include setting options, stylish design and compatibility with other devices.

What Personal Sports Products Will be Trending in the Near Future?

Running trackersEven though now you know about a couple of the hottest personal sports products to sell online, your research isn’t over. You still need to learn about the up and coming products in this niche market that have not quite risen to the top of the best-selling list quite yet. These personal sports products are starting to slowly make a splash and gain attention, but are not quite on par with the hottest products just yet.

You can be early by getting in on these trends before they catch on. One product that you need to be on the lookout for is the running tracker. Running trackers are a great item to sell online and appeal to people that love to run.

Now, as usual - below are 20 more product categories in this niche that are trending in some markets and will be trending in others, while declining in yet other markets - have a look and tell us what you think? Who knows - maybe it will give you much needed inspiration to find that 'blockbuster' product that will be selling like a hot cakes in the future 🙂

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NOTE: you cannot sell new branded items as a business in your online store, you likely will be in breach of some trademarks. The examples of the products in this post might refer to the branded items - for illustration purposes only. We suggest that you study the brands and find or create a non-branded products with similar or better features, that you can brand with your own brand name and sell online. Please also note that the products and niches mentioned in this post for education purposes only, authors and owners of this website do not imply that you can make profit by selling any of the items mentioned on this website. Always seek professional advise before making any financial decisions and rely on your own common sense and advise of your appointed advisers.

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