“Sticky Bras” seem to become a hot seller product in Fashion Accessories category

Strapless Bra Self Adhesive Silicone Push Up with Drawstring

In our never-ending pursuit of beauty, feeling good – the fashion and clothing manufacturers keep researching the consumer trends and keep churning out new products in hope to find that magic “best seller” that will make them (and resellers along the way) rich… or at least some money 🙂
Another example of a hot selling product in fashion and clothing category is a “Strapless Self Adhesive Invisible Silicone Push-up Bra” or “Sticky Bras”. It seem to become a hot seller product in this category.

As described by one seller on Amazon as “Perfect for halter, backless and strapless evening gowns, low-cut outfits and party dress. Instantly becomes a part of your body with total freedom and flexibility of movement”

Worth having a look to see if there’s a scope for your online store to stock this or similar items.

A note of caution – remember that you want to be on the upswing of the trend – not on ‘down curve’ of it. Learn more about spotting the trends by enrolling in a free email course “How to select hot products” – just click on “Start my course” link to the right of this post!

As always – take good care and research more before you invest in these or any other items!

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