PART 7:Traffic Fundamentals

Before, we used to do the Search Engine Optimization for Organic traffic; we would do Facebook ads, Google ads for Paid Advertising; Visitors will come to your website, you’ll offer them value and capture the lead as much as possible, that 70% of your visitors; then nurture relationship and sell.

This is how we used to market online before and is no longer works as well or your traffic could be too expensive.

The current way to getting more traffic is:

We do a Content Marketing.  Content Marketing, you can Google what it is if you wish.  It is essentially a blog with a quality, relevant and interesting content, that visitor will feel to engage with. Once you’ve mastered above-you can then advertise on Facebook, advertise on Twitter, advertise on Google.

We generate the traffic to content-rich post; and then we place an ‘Irresistible’ offer or a ‘Conversion Pixel’ the visitor for re-marketing (google what this is if you are lost at this point).

We have an offer for them to subscribe to a newsletter or buy a low value product (known as a ‘loss leader’), and visitors get ‘pixelated’.

What this means is that a little cookie placed in their browser which will then indicate to advertising networks that they can fall into your custom audience, custom audience with the Facebook or perfect audience for your banners network.

Now, you nurture the subscriber if they subscribe.

And if they did not subscribe, you still re-target and advertise directly to your pixilated custom audience on Facebook, Google, Twitter or any other advertising network to sell.  So, that’s the current method of dealing with generating the traffic, and most importantly, capturing leads and converting traffic into buyers. These are fundamentals, my dear reader; remember we’re not talking about the actual implementation instructions here.

Yours for finding hot products success,

Dmitri Stern
Creator of RPR Method