PART 6: Trends and Patterns

Here’s what I would use in my own research.

I would go to and see what’s there.

For example - if you check ‘Wearables’, what do you see?  This is your homework for research.  Make a note of it.  Type in ‘wearables’, what do you see there?

Then, once you’ve take a note of your findings, check ‘tweets per day’ stats on for ‘Wearables’ because we’re researching ‘wearables’ now, right?  What do you see there?  Okay.

Next thing, check Google Keyword Planner for ‘Wearables’ in your locality.

For example, wearables in New York, wearables in London, wearables in Sydney, wearables in Aukland.

Then you start an Excel or Notes file and record all your findings in that Excel file.  Look for ‘Rising’ on Google Trends, especially for ‘breakouts’, look for that and see if you have more than 100% rising or breakouts Potentially, this is an indication of an emerging trend.

Find and Consume Authority blogs in your niche – a good place to start would be likes of,  That’s very important to see what is happening to build the awareness in the niche of your choosing!


Yours for finding hot products success,

Dmitri Stern
Creator of RPR Method